Hush Review 4/10


Poor Zakes Abbot has nothing going for him. As well as an unfortunate name and a dead end job, his girlfriend is on the brink of ending it with him. You would think karma would give this poor bloke a break. Unfortunately for him however, he is in a horror film and karma doesn’t exist in these realms.


Whilst driving along the M1 in the pouring rain one night Zakes sees a naked woman in chains in the back of a white van. His lack of a reaction fuels his girlfriend’s irritation at him and she storms off. Can you guess what happens next? Yes, Zakes’ girl ends up in the back of the van herself and thus begins a game of cat and mouse with the kidnappers…and that’s about it really.


The following 60 minutes or so are simply a series of chases and games of hide and seek with the hooded protagonist. I really wanted to like Hush. Director Mark Tonderai captures a very slick world with his lens, and William Ash is perfectly cast as the slightly tragic Zakes. However, neither of these talents can overcome the fact that there is absolutely nothing in the script that we haven’t seen before. Along with a predictable plot, Hush is also littered with unnecessary hurdles that Zakes must face. In one scene he is evading the kidnapper in a motorway truck stop, when he passes two police officers. Now if I were in that situation I would calmly approach the officers, point out the gentleman in the sinister hood, and explain that he has kidnapped my girlfriend with the intention of raping and killing her. Instead Zakes feels the need to tackle this problem solo. Other weak points in the plot include a minute bit of evidence Zakes discovers that leads him to the conclusion his girlfriend has been abducted. Now of course, he was right, but seeing as she stormed off anyway, you wonder what makes Zakes so convinced?


If you love your horror films and don’t mind the occasional plot hole, then you will probably like Hush. For anyone else however this is a forgettable thriller that offers nothing new.


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