Retro Gaming-Spotlight on Golden Axe



I was always the Dwarf in Golden Axe, unless my teammate started sulking, in which case I went for the scantily clad Amazon. I don’t think anybody ever choose the generic Barbarian. I think he was designed to please the fathers that were forced to play alongside their kids. Of course these days the fathers are as into video games as their children are, perhaps more so. But video games were a relatively new concept in 1989, especially on a home console, and Golden Axe was the game that anyone with a Sega Megadrive owned.


Scouring through a fantasy world (all very Lord of the Rings-esque) your mission was to literally pummel your way through hordes of goblins, knights and warrior skeletons till you faced the evil Death Adder, who had seized the royal throne and wanted to be ruler himself. Simple premise for a simple game, Golden Axe never tried to be anything other then fun. True, it is impressive to see how far we’ve come with video games, and Golden Axe would barely stand up to one the mini games in the newest Grand Theft Auto. Sometimes however, I long for the days when playing a video game didn’t have to be full-time commitment. Remember when we could just pick up a controller and play a game, without the need for a tutorial on the controls, and without the need for a 20- minute intro filling us in on the convoluted plot?


Golden Axe is a simple pleasure that your granny could pick up and play, and no game since has gotten me more excited then as a mesmerized 8 year old, I reached the final boss and used my spell on him. Still as fun today as ever, Golden Axe is the ultimate in retro gaming. Go up to your attic, dust off your Megadrive and remember why we all fell in love with video games in the first place.



One Response to “Retro Gaming-Spotlight on Golden Axe”

  1. realityglitch Says:

    Just recently played this again as well on the Amiga, good times!

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