Hollow Towers-Early Days

Hollow Towers

Lets face it there are dozens upon dozens of new indie bands springing up around Dublin like weeds in a cobble lock drive way. Plenty of these bands are fine musicians, fine song writers and fine performers, half filling up various venues in Dublin with their mates, parallel bands and eager groupie scene hitters. It can get tedious though admit it, when another mate of yours who plays guitar says, “come to my gig”, or even worse, when a mate of yours says, “come to a friend of a friend of a friends gig”.  All these weedy bands melt into each other to form one bland mass of ok music that you know will never venture outside of their mates Ipods. The point of this ridiculously long introduction is that if you root through these weeds occasionally you will find a wild flower that deserves to be taken out of the weed patch and placed in a garden where it can be appreciated. Hollow Towers are the band I’m referring to in this mediocre metaphor. A side project/second band to Star crossed enemies; Hollow Tower’s first single Early Days fuses theatrical rock with syrupy integrity without causing nausea. Possibly the catchiest song to infiltrate my ears in quite some time, lyrically it chronicles breakup with lead singer Bribry pining at a lost love professing her to “take my heart from the ground”. It’s actually quite rare for a male vocalist to be so honest about leaving a relationship with scars and Vocally; Bribry’s range is impeccable.  Go check them out. You heard it here first.



2 Responses to “Hollow Towers-Early Days”

  1. Shane Heneghan Says:

    So this is young master reily’s new venture then?

  2. Bribry’s Video Blog Extravaganza « Aaaaahhhhshark’s Blog Says:

    […] I came across “Things To Do Before I Die” by Dublin crooner Bribry (see hollow towers review) I was eagerly looking forward to a more local, yet similar hash of attention seeking opinion […]

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