Interview with Alias Empire

Alias Empire can been seen gigging throughout various hotspots in the city that is Dublin.  And they are rather good, no seriously. You might know them under their previous Alias (see what I did there) Dry County. Their debut “Unexpected Falls” earned them plenty of esteem and garnered them a Choice nomination that they lost out to Super Extra Bonus Party (and where are they now eh eh?)

I caught up with them to talk about 2nd Baptisms, taking over the UK, and Space Invaders.

alias empire3





Why the need to change the bands name? Was it a unanimous decision within the band or were there some rows? 


Apart from the fact that there is a Canadian rock band called Dry County we just felt we need a name that wasn’t so genre specific. We felt that the name “Dry county” maybe held us back from gaining new fans because they might think we are a country rock band. It suited when we started out and the type of stuff we were doing then, but as we evolved musically the name didn’t make as much sense anymore. We always fell victim to lazy journalists who called us “Dry Country” which annoyed us haha.

And why Alias Empire?


As I mentioned before, it’s a name that isn’t as genre specific and we fell it will evolve with us, whichever direction we chose to take musically.

How have fans reacted to the new name?


There hasn’t been any complaints yet anyway, people have started taking to it quite positively. We’ve set up a new Website where fans can set up a free account. There they can download ep, wallpapers etc. There is our own version of space invaders too. We plan on adding more stuff and making it more interactive: having competitions etc. We all liked the idea of not having a barrier between band and audience, like a lot of bands do.

Your releasing your debut album Unexpected Falls in the UK presently, will you be going back into the studio soon?
If so what can we expect from your second album?


There are about 5 or 6 songs written at the moment for our second album, butwe’re currently concentrating on releasing the first in the UK. The songs we have written so far are defiantly heavier and more synth based. Less guitar. We have been playing some of them live recently and the seem to be going down pretty well with fans.

You played at both Oxegen and Electric picnic in the past, which festival did you prefer, and will you be playing at either this summer?


They’re both very different crowds. Oxegen gets a younger crowd while Electric Picnic gets an older crowd, often families. Personally we prefer EP as it’s more laid back and has a more eclectic mix of bands. We’re not currently doing either festival this year, but we are certainly open to offers.



Alias Empire play in Whelans, 26/6 at 20:00


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