I Need Your Help…..

When I was a child my father discovered opera.  Like most fathers he dabbled in diverse interests and only settled on a few, but opera stuck.  I didn’t know who Pink Floyd was,  or even the Beatles, but I did know Puccini and Wagner intimately.  Tosca was his favorite and every evening while cleaning the kitchen he would blast a warbling Italian Diva from the stereo and duet with her. I never found it strange. My friends did.

So ingratiated was Tosca in my young life that I used to “play” Tosca. This involved forcing my friends to play Mario (Tosca’s doomed lover) and play dead while I imitated the firing squad. Then like the multi tasking actor I was, I switched roles to Tosca, and, discovering my dead buddy, screamed and jumped off a wall…pretending to kill myself.  This seemed like the most natural thing in the world to my 6 year old self and when I finally twisted my parents arms to buy me a puppy,  the only name that we could possibly call the dog was, can you guess?  Tosca.

Tosca was a lovely little Cairn terrier who gave us 15 years of joy before she passed away in her basket last summer. It was heart breaking but she lived a ripe age and we were so glad she didn’t need to be put down by a vet.  She is now buried in that same basket underneath a Rowan tree in our garden.  A plaque that used to live on her kennel is now nailed to the tree. It says “Tosca”, with two theatrical masks painted on, one smiling and one frowning.

Now we think its time to move on a get a new dog, but we face a major dilemma.  How do we top a name like Tosca?  It’s so easy to come up with a good name for a male dog, but when it comes to a female dog…shit it’s hard. You want something that is feminine but not soppy.  Catchy and short, but it also should be original and witty.

Anne Boleyn

So I need your help. We’re trying to think of a name for a female dog (possibly a cocker spaniel though that could change) and we want it to, like Tosca, have some roots in culture (at the moment we’re thinking Boleyn, as in Anne Boleyn.  I like the reference, but I’m not sure it’s catchy enough).  If someone comments on this with an awesome name suggestion that we end up picking, I will give you a reward. I’m not sure what it will be yet…but I promise it will be something awesome.


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4 Responses to “I Need Your Help…..”

  1. Declan Says:

    Why not stick with the Opera theme and call her Carmen? Speaking of Carmen they are staging a production of it in Lismore over the June bank holiday weekend as part of a music festival – apparently it’ll be amazing – if you Dad is interested.

  2. Patrick H Says:

    Some Ideas for doggie names…..hmmmm, Well u like Egypt so whats bout Cleo, or Isis…….or perhaps Sheeba, as in the queen of?? Ariel?? ur a fan of hers, or Betty after Ms. Davis. If all else fails u could name her after 2 famous Irish mutts Dana, or Twink lol Delilah?? I know a lil bout mythology and Banba is the celtic goddess who represents the spirit of ireland. anyways hope they help xx

  3. Holly Says:

    Callas, Prima or just Diva.

  4. Adrian Says:

    how about call her Mona after Mona Lisa, that would be a culture name in art, i think its catchy, cool and not an obvious name for a dog, but im sure which ever name you pick it will be right

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