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Bribry’s Video Blog Extravaganza

July 27, 2010

The sight of Chris Crocker’s lipstick smeared lips spewing Britney Spear’s defense back in 2008 was my first experience of video blogging.  Apparently I was late on the band wagon as by that stage he had already earned millions of views and was the first in a long line of internet celebrities;  A new breed of famous folk that from the comfort of their bedrooms could drum up army’s of fans and haters alike to adorn their every update.

When I came across “Things To Do Before I Die” by Dublin crooner Bribry (see hollow towers review) I was eagerly looking forward to a more local, yet similar hash of attention seeking opinion ranting. Sure to be funny, but doubtfully relevant…certainly not moving?  I was wrong though…well slightly. You do see Brian’s rump in about 40% of his uploads, but it’s never gratuitous.  I should probably outline what the hell I’m talking about for those who are lost yet are still reading.

Bribry is a video blogger on Youtube. He runs a video series with about 25 episodes so far, each one outlining something that you should do before you die. The early videos show a tender innocence as Brian leaps into the sea starkers.

Publishes a personal add (hilarious)

And gets his legs waxed…

In episode 10 however, the videos took a more serious side swerve.  Bribry’s challenge was to “get a meaningful tattoo”.  He choose to get two tattoos in fact, both as a dedication for his friend Ross who was ill with Cancer at the time of the video.

Tragically, Ross died not long after Brian made his dedication and yet again, the video series took on a new twist.  No longer a series of personal challenges just for the sake of it, now Brian sets out to raise money for the Ross Nugent Foundation, a charity set up after Ross’ death to supply blood pressure monitors for Beaumont Hospital.

So far Bribry “dragged” his way through the women’s mini marathon, sold his body in a slave auction and streaked through his college, but his biggest endeavor is imminent.  He is currently raising money for a sky dive and needs your help. By buying a wrist band (see latest video) or donating what you can you will be helping towards supplying much needed equipment to Beaumont and also allow Bribry to continue his quest.  Give what you can, subscribe to his blog, and enjoy…

Bribry’s debut EP Swings, is out now