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Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?

April 4, 2010

I want to like my favourite singers. That sounds redundant I know, but it’s completely true. I want to like the person who supplies me with the music I love to love.

What I wouldn’t give to share a bag of chips with Kate Bush, or spend a day on the beach with Pink. We’d laugh and get merry and swap stories about old loves and future prospects. It’s a quality most performers strive to have when searching for a fan base. Why then, do I feel so conflicted with my relationship with Patrick Wolf?

I’ve loved his music for a few years now, but unlike most of my favourite artists, Patrick as a person grates me to the point that I avoid watching any videos of him where he isn’t singing. No interviews or promotional footage for me, cheers.


I suppose I was a late starter in that my first Wolf album was The Magic Position, the album he supposedly sold out with in that it was a more commercial beast than his previous material. Maybe it was more attainable to the everyday listener but the term “commercial” is so stained with snobbery that it suggests the music is of inferior quality. And that is a statement that couldn’t be more ignorant. The Magic Position stands for everything that is right with Pop music. It is fun, it is colourful, it is dramatic and it is unashamed.   Imagine Rufus Wainwright with less nasal, and swapping his classical influences for dance ones.  I worshiped that album and listened to it over and over. Upon exploring his back catalogue though, I understood why many of his fan base didn’t initially take to it.  Wolf’s first 2 CDs Lycanthropy and Wind in the Wires are bleaker and harsher birds, though no less brilliant. It wasn’t really until he released his 4th album The Bachelor last year that his audience really understood what Patrick wanted to achieve with his music. Each of his albums have completely individual sounds, the only constant being Wolf’s plum vocals and bellowing piano. The Bachelor moved away from it’s predecessor’s pop grooves and became a pseudo soundtrack to Wolf’s folk and dance love child. It has slowly overtaken The Magic Position as my favourite CD in the Wolf catalogue thanks to its vast scope and exorbitant ambition.

The Audition for the role of Sephiroth in the Final Fantasy 7 film went well

So now why, if I love his music so very much, can I not fall in love with the boy? He is almost beautiful if you ignore the Draco Malfoy similarities, and his glittery costumes predate Lady Gagas by a good few years. Perhaps it is his ego that is so constant it prevents our unification. There is a sense that he firmly believes he is a worthier being than many of his colleagues, and perchance if he tasted just a little slice of humble pie he would endear himself fully to his audience. Still, he has four highly acclaimed albums to his name so if anyone has justification for lofty self-worth it is he. We have his fifth album The Conqueror to look forward to later on in the year, though with The Bachelor hardly making a dent in the music scene, I wonder is he likely to see the “almost successful” heights of the Magic Position again?  Somehow he has gone unnoticed by the Barclaycard Mercury panel and has escaped nomination for each of his albums. This seems almost snubbery and is perhaps due to the irritating persona he has splashed around in his interviews.

Conceivably it does not matter for him, as he has a small group of titian strong fans eager to lap up anything he throws at them. I for one am (almost) one of them.

My favourite Patrick Wolf video today